What Are Coach Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Accuracy CompanieskO′ch VA adj. 1. a highly specialized and niched virtual assistant who is in tune with their coaching clients and customizes solutions based upon their individual needs and goals 2. differs from a general virtual assistant as they only partner with members of the coaching industry [syn: Virtual Accuracy Companies]

vur′chu-al asis′tent adj. an independent contractor and entrepreneur who assists you in taking care of the administrative and technical side of your business or life. They assist you or your business on a contractual basis from a remote location. While most VAs perform administrative tasks they are more than just a home-based secretary. Before setting up their practices, most VAs held prominent positions in the corporate world. The Virtual Assistance industry comprises former corporate trainers, publicity agents, marketing executives, paralegals, executive assistants and many more. **This particular definition of a Virtual Assistant was developed by Virtual Accuracy Companies.

Website Design/Maintenance

Do you need to stand out from the crowd?  Perhaps you need a new sales page for that spectacular new product or service?  Or are you looking for a hot new mini-site?  Look no further…Virtual Accuracy is here.

Did your current web designer do an awesome job and you need assistance with the maintenance portion?  Virtual Accuracy can help.  We use many of the top website development programs available today, including: Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Contribute, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft FrontPage and everything in between.

Open Source Is Our Friend

Virtual Accuracy can also integrate many of the latest and greatest Open Source programs to enhance your website.  Do you need a forum, a client center or surveys?  Open Source programs, which are free, allow us to provide you with the latest technology, while giving your pocket book a break!

Scratch, Pre-Built or Customized, the Choice is Yours

Virtual Accuracy has been designing websites since 1997, an eternity in Internet years.  Our sites are designed with the client in mind.  Whether the design is 100% from scratch, from a template or modified from a template, you are in total control.  If you can dream it, we can do it.

Virtual Accuracy maintains a database of over 1500 website templates which can be used as is or modified to your specifications and our collection grows weekly.

Shallow Pockets? A Solution Is Here!

Especially with the financial crunch that small business owners are feeling, we have a quick and inexpensive solution to your web site needs. A Blog Site. It is a web site and a blog combined. You get all the flexability of a blog but the structure of a web site.

Check out our Blog Crazy Special!

Virtual Accuracy offers a number of affordable options for you. If you are looking for a customized theme, template or want a unique design just contact us for details.