What Are Coach Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Accuracy CompanieskO′ch VA adj. 1. a highly specialized and niched virtual assistant who is in tune with their coaching clients and customizes solutions based upon their individual needs and goals 2. differs from a general virtual assistant as they only partner with members of the coaching industry [syn: Virtual Accuracy Companies]

vur′chu-al asis′tent adj. an independent contractor and entrepreneur who assists you in taking care of the administrative and technical side of your business or life. They assist you or your business on a contractual basis from a remote location. While most VAs perform administrative tasks they are more than just a home-based secretary. Before setting up their practices, most VAs held prominent positions in the corporate world. The Virtual Assistance industry comprises former corporate trainers, publicity agents, marketing executives, paralegals, executive assistants and many more. **This particular definition of a Virtual Assistant was developed by Virtual Accuracy Companies.


Let’s get down to the “nitty-gritty”…what’s the point of having a great looking website and fabulous content if no one can find it?

Below is just a sampling of what Virtual Accuracy will do for you:

  • full website review and critique
  • navigation structure
  • design layout
  • content enrichment
  • tag creation
  • site map creation
  • directory and search engine submission
  • reciprocal linking strategies
  • pay-per-click strategies
  • and more

Search engine optimization takes time and doesn’t happen overnight.  Don’t be discouraged.  If you practice patience and ethical SEO (search engine optimization) you can and will get to the top!

Don’t be fooled:

  • Search engine optimization is more than just the creation of a few simple meta-tags.  SEO complex process that requires “tweaking” every step of the way
  • The “For $19.95 a month I will submit your site to thousands of search engines.”  Be careful and very, very leery.  You can only be listed in the search engines once.  If search engines receive multiple submissions, they can consider your site SPAM and remove it from the engine all together.  Search engine ranking does not come from site submission, it comes from your content, linking strategies, clean code and a host of other things.
  • Google “Page Rank™” is the be all and end all to ranking.  Google Page Rank™ plays a part in ranking, but it is a mistake to design your site around this one item.  Your Page Rank™ is compiled by incoming links to your website.  To read more about Page Rank™