What Are Coach Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Accuracy CompanieskO′ch VA adj. 1. a highly specialized and niched virtual assistant who is in tune with their coaching clients and customizes solutions based upon their individual needs and goals 2. differs from a general virtual assistant as they only partner with members of the coaching industry [syn: Virtual Accuracy Companies]

vur′chu-al asis′tent adj. an independent contractor and entrepreneur who assists you in taking care of the administrative and technical side of your business or life. They assist you or your business on a contractual basis from a remote location. While most VAs perform administrative tasks they are more than just a home-based secretary. Before setting up their practices, most VAs held prominent positions in the corporate world. The Virtual Assistance industry comprises former corporate trainers, publicity agents, marketing executives, paralegals, executive assistants and many more. **This particular definition of a Virtual Assistant was developed by Virtual Accuracy Companies.


janet150Virtual Accuracy has been a virtual dream-come-true for my business. I have previously worked with other virtual assistants, but never before found ones that were so dependable. Virtual Accuracy has been able to take over portions of my business while accurately handling the details and this has allowed me to grow my business rapidly. The team they have assembled has been able to handle every project that I have requested of them. From web design, to teleseminar registration and communication with my clients and everything in between, I know that the work will be handled as I requested and the creativity of Becki and Dale will produce excellent results. The biggest benefit I have recieved from them is piece of mind that I have others dedicated to MY business success. I highly recommend Virtual Accuracy for any business support needs.

Janet Slack, PCC, Business Coach & Licensed Professional Counselor
Life Adventure Coaching and Solopreneur.biz
Hendersonville, NC USA


It was my genuine pleasure to have Dale do work for me. Dale was easy to work with and delivered exactly what he said. He listened well, made creative suggestions, and met the deadline. What I appreciated the most, though, was that he truly made me feel like his ultimate goal was for me to be happy with the finished product. I highly recommend Dale Noles and virtual accuracy companies!

Judy Graybill, Step Family Coach
Sensible Step, LLC
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pamela brunerIt was great to work with Becki on the launch of my book, ‘EFT and Beyond’. Since I’d never had a major launch before, she produced a manual for my affiliates, and walked me through the expectations and procedures. The launch earned almost $40,000, largely from affiliate sales. I had one of my affiliates (more experienced than I!) say it was the smoothest affiliate experience he’d ever had. Thanks, Becki!

Pamela Bruner, Business Coach & EFT Practitioner
Make Your Success Easy and EFT and Beyond
Zirconia, NC USA


ramilasHaving been introduced to the Virtual Accuracy Companies has been a true blessing for me and our company Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic. I have received good, prompt, and very honest service. Very rare when one is dealing with a company outside of your home town. I have been given nothing but good feedback in how and why things should be done in a certain way. I highly recommend the Virtual Accuracy Companies to anyone seeking high quality service.

Meganathan Padiachy, Healing Arts Practitioner
Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic
Nepean, ON Canada


mikecarsonVirtual Accuracy has been my go-to company for a variety of services for years. I am very appreciative of their speedy and accurate service. They have never let me down and that that means a lot in this fast paced business of travel and speaking for a living! Thanks, Virtual Accuracy!

Mike Carson, Performance Coach and Consultant
Carson International
Corona, CA USA


scott strattenI had socks on before you did some work for me, and your results knocked them right off! I put out a call for virtual assistance and had a ton of responses. You were the ONLY company that not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! Your turnaround time always is quick, your work quality and attention to detail is second to none. You are now a valuable part of my team and I look forward to a long relationship with Virtual Accuracy.

Scott Stratten, Marketing Coach, Viral Marketing Master, Speaker
Toronto, ON Canada


bea fieldsI cannot sing my praises loud enough for Virtual Accuracy. Dale and Becki Noles are consummate professionals, and they are 100% devoted to the success of their clients. Within 24 hours of hiring this dynamic duo, I felt a sigh of relief. Becki quickly jumped in to take over the management of the hundreds of e-mails that were flooding my inbox, and Dale had created a strategic plan to move my business to the level of excellence that I expect for Five Star Leader. They are truly a fantastic one-stop shop…from administrative tasks to web design and management, Virtual Accuracy can truly do it all! They have given me back the time I so desperately needed to focus on doing what I do best…coaching and training. Virtual Accuracy most definitely deserves 5 stars. They are true pros!

Bea Fields, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker
Bea Fields Companies
Southern Pines, NC USA


marilynIt would be quite enough to have a team of two virtual assistants who could provide the administrative assistance, technical support and knowledge you need, sometimes at a moment’s notice, and do so at the highest professional standard. If they also happened to have gentle natures and easy-going personalities, you would be elated. If on top of all that, you find integrity, compassion and just all around good people, then you have found Virtual Accuracy. I feel very fortunate to have found them.

Marilyn Jenett, Prosperity Mentor and Coach
Feel Free To Prosper
Los Angeles, CA, USA


lindaoDale and Becki are brilliant and delightful to work with. Their level of work, professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. I am free to coach, speak and write and know that all is in excellent hands. I love having Dale and Becki on my team and I highly recommend you join them if you want to be an outstanding coach with a struggle-free practise.

Linda Oprica, Personal, Business & Executive Coach
Ascent Coaching
Royston, BC Canada


denisebIf you’re looking for outstanding virtual assistance to do just about any job you need, then Virtual Accuracy, and the team of Dale and Becki Noles, is the only one to choose. Not only do they have administrative expertise (best I’ve seen), their technical savvy is top notch. They’re fast, they’re thorough, and they’re proactive. They know what you might need even before you do! I’m thrilled to have found them.

Denise Brouillette, Leadership Coach
The Innovative Edge
San Francisco, CA USA


I highly recommend Becki and Dale Noles of Virtual Accuracy. They provide many more services than executive admin. Becki, aside from doing executive & administrative work, has a great background in the media and events planning. Dale is the technical person that can handle anything technical (website design, ezine, graphic design, etc.) I have found them both to be highly professional, reliable, timely and go the extra mile to insure client satisfaction.

Denise Corcoran, Master Business Coach & Strategic Consultant
The Empowered Business
San Mateo, CA USA


Now that I have found Dale and his team, Virtual Accuracy, I only have to contact one place and pay one price to get a whole team of experts working for me. All in all, they save Coaches countless hours and nearly 4-5k in the start up phase of their business. You are investing in a team of experts that are familiar with your industry so they speak your language and make things happen in a way that creates business for you immediately.

Carla Nomaiia, Health and Fitness Coach
Celebrate Imagination
Portland, OR USA


Wow, you all are amazing. Thank you so much!…What can’t you do?…Your expertise and attention to excellence are invaluable to my organization. I look forward to a long partnership with Virtual Accuracy.

Scott Rosenthal, Ph.D., Career and Business Coach
Career Impact
Little Rock, AR USA